About Us

Philly Girls in Motion was founded by Beth Devine, lifelong athlete who left a position in corporate America to get back to working with kids.  Beth has a long history in running programs for children, including ten years directing Future Stars Basketball, Field Hockey and Day Camps.

She has also been a CYO basketball and softball coach, and a sports clinician/instructor for nearly 15 years.  In 2009, Devine began running fitness programs for two schools in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and after teaming up with others to run a large basketball clinic in South Philadelphia, realized that the city was the place that needed more activities and programs for girls in the area of fitness and nutrition.

Seeing the need to get girls active and moving while teaching them how to properly fuel their bodies, Devine got together with teachers, nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness professionals and created the program behind Philly Girls in Motion.  With the support of the Philadelphia Recreation Department, Philly Girls in Motion runs after-school programs at three Independence Mission Schools, as well as community-based programs at two Rec Centers and a multi-sport program at the Edward O’Malley Athletic Association (EOM) in South Philadelphia.

In addition, Philly Girls in Motion has officially partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and their Healthy Weight Program.  The nutritionists and fitness specialists from the Healthy Weight Program have developed the Healthy Habits Workshops that Philly Girls participate in once a week.

Volunteers for the Philly Girls program come from all walks of life…from moms to teachers to executives to nurses to forensic scientists!  Anyone with enthusiasm for fitness is welcome to join us!  For information about volunteering, contact us today.